Best Apps to Watch Cartoon Online for free

If you’re a cartoon lover and looking for Apps to Watch cartoons online for free, then you’re in the right place. Today there are so many websites that allow users to Stream and download Cartoons for free, but most of the websites don’t have Apps. As Smartphone users prefer to watch cartoons on Applications instead of watching them on the websites because Apps are Nicely optimized for the mobile platforms. Below we have listed some free Cartoon Streaming Apps which are available for both Android and iOS devices.

Best Apps to Watchcartoonsonline for free

Youtube Kids

We all know that Youtube is the biggest free online streaming platform on the Internet. Youtube Kids is also a Video Hosting service of the Parent site Youtube, which is made especially for the children. As it’s made for the children, it has so many children shows along with a vast library of free cartoon Movies and TV Shows. Youtube kids is available for both Android and iOS devices and it is also available for other platforms such as LG, Samsung, and Sony SmartTV.

For Android devices, Youtube Kids can be downloaded from the Google Playstore and for iOS devices, it can be downloaded from the Appstore. Apart from the famous Cartoon Shows, it also features Premium Original Series. The Application is divided into 4 categories such as Shows, Music, Recommended and Learning.


PlayKids is another cartoon App that has a good collection of Cartoon Shows and Movies. There’s a dedicated search box, where you can type in your Keywords and get results within a second. Apart from Cartoons, this app also helps children learn numbers, alphabets and has sing-along videos with interesting Animations. The App is child-friendly and can be download on both Android and iOS from their respective App stores.

Cartoon Network App

We all are aware of the famous TV channel Cartoon Network, which has amazing Cartoon Shows and Movies of their own. They also launched an Application for SmartPhones and SmartTV’s. The App features all of the famous Movies and Shows of Cartoon Network with full-length episodes. The users can Download the Cartoon Network App from the Google Playstore for Android devices to watch Cartoon Online for free.


It is one of the best apps for people who love to watch cartoons online for free. Boomerang has a huge library with Cartoon movies, Clips, and videos from so many different networks altogether in one place. They also produce their original series, which have become very famous among children across the world. The App has all the cartoons from the old classics to the most recent ones. The users can also get rid of the advertisements and enjoy additional features when they buy a paid subscription.

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